We are Angie West and Jac Nunns, filmmakers, who created QueerBee. 

Our short films have been screened in over 70 LGBTQI film festivals worldwide, allowing us the privilege of watching exceptional films made by brave and talented filmmakers from all over the globe. Experiencing these stories nourishes, validates and uplifts us and our queer existence and we can’t get enough of them. Unfortunately, most people will never see them.

We won’t discuss the lack of LGBTQI characters in the mainstream, or how we as queer people are portrayed in film and TV, because there are many articles readily available.

So where can we find the indie filmmakers who represent us? We have subscribed to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Revry, Tello. We buy videos from Peccadillo Pictures and Wolfe. On YouTube and Vimeo we have waded through porn, religious information and teen coming out stories to reach some diamonds. However we couldn't find an ample supply of queer short films organised in any meaningful way. In fact we spent longer looking for things than actually watching films. So, we got together with other filmmakers and created programmes of fascinating short films from a queer perspective. We screened these in London with participating cinemas, often selling out. Audience feedback was overwhelmingly “more like this please”.

That’s how we got here to QueerBee online where we lovingly present expertly curated short films from a queer perspective, straight from the directors themselves, so more people like us can see them. Easy to find, easy to watch and always authentic. We hope you enjoy the stories and the connection to queer lives worldwide. Please tell us what you think by emailing us on info@queerbee.org.
Yours queerly,
Angie West & Jac Nunns