What is QueerBee?
The QueerBee Player is an annual subscription service to watch curated programmes of LGBTQI+ films online. You can stream film content but downloads are unavailable. This service is provided through Uscreen. Films can be streamed anywhere in the world.

How much does QueerBee cost?

The subscription is £40 per year or £3.99 per month.

Where is the QueerBee Player available?
We have made QueerBee available anywhere in the world but we recommend you check the country laws first here www.76crimes.com. You are responsible for deciding whether to access QueerBee.

What devices does the QueerBee player work on?
The Player works on PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile phones, subject to an individual user’s internet connectivity. All films can also be viewed on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Being LGBT is illegal in my country, can I still access QueerBee?
QueerBee is based in the UK where being LGBT is not illegal. You should be able to access QueerBee from anywhere in the world but for your own safety, first check the country laws at this website www.76crimes.com and at the country’s embassy website before deciding to view.

How can I submit my short film to QueerBee?
We use FilmFreeway for all submissions. Films must be under 20 minutes in length but can be any age and any type of content.

What type of films is QueerBee looking for?
We screen films from the whole LGBTIQ+ community. We are particularly interested in films made by women, people of colour, trans people, people with disabilities and older people and films with intersectional themes as these are underrepresented in the mainstream. We want to see stories that reflect the wider experience of LGBTQI lives, authentic stories about the way we live our lives.

How are profits shared with the filmmakers?

At the end of any financial year, accounts will be prepared and if there are any surpluses they will be split into four equal pots of 25% and shared as follows:

1. Filmmakers whose films have screened to a live audience receive a share of the first 25%

2. Filmmakers whose films are showing on the online platform will receive a share of the second 25% (filmmakers with films in live screenings and online will get two shares)

3. The third 25% will be awarded to LGBTQI+ filmmakers - the number of awards will depend on the level of profit which is unknown at present

4. The final 25% will be used to develop QueerBee as an organisation. This would enable us to, for example, close caption all the films, translate the films into other languages (particularly where it is illegal to be gay) or to employ LGBTQI people

Why are QueerBee programmes BBFC age rated?

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) exists in order to protect children from unsuitable content and to give viewers the information they might need before deciding whether or not to view. The age ratings help cinemas and other groups and individuals recognise QueerBee content as informative and entertaining, suitable for the general public as well as of special interest to LGBTIQ community.

Can I submit my pornographic film to QueerBee?
We do not show films that have the sole purpose of stimulating sexual excitement but we welcome work that has incidental nudity or where there is sexual activity portrayed that is important to the story.

I’m in talks about distribution of my film. Will screening through QueerBee affect that?
We offer a non-exclusive arrangement. That means that you retain the rights to screen, sell or otherwise share your film at the same time as showing with us. If you are in any doubt, come back to us when you are sure. When you submit a film through Film Freeway you can see that the terms and conditions include that you assign us the right to show your film and that cannot be withdrawn. When a film is selected we write to the filmmakers to get further and more explicit consent.

Why can’t I withdraw my film from QueerBee after submitting to FilmFreeway?
There are mastering and certification, administration and legal costs at QueerBee which is why both sides have to be committed early for it to work. If you are in any doubt, come back to us later when you are sure.

How much does it cost to submit a film to QueerBee?
We did a lot of research before setting the submission fee and as a filmmaker's collaborative we are sensitive to the costs of submissions. We think we have pitched it right to avoid numerous unsuitable submissions and to attract only genuine filmmakers. QueerBee costs time and money to administer and we feel that a $10 fee is reasonable.

Why does QueerBee charge to submit a film?
QueerBee costs time and money to administer and a $10 fee (our early bird rate) is a contribution to the actual cost which is much higher.

How is viewing at QueerBee different to other LGBTQI streaming services?
We have reproduced the traditional format of film festivals which is curated programmes of films backed up with notes and discussion for those seeking further inspiration or validation on the subjects shown.

What is a Community Interest Company?
Being a Community Interest Company means that we are a business with a social mission. We are not driven by profit for its own sake, but to make change in the world by re-investing funds in the LGBTIQ community. Find out more about social enterprise principles here. As a filmmaker, if your film is selected, that means that you get a share of any profits generated by QueerBee and that is set out in our constitution here QueerBee CIC Constitution. If you are a viewer, it means that a percentage of your money directly rewards filmmakers for their work and supports new work to be made. We reinvest funds into the LGBTIQ community.

The display of the player is too big/small, why is this?
If the resolution of the player looks too big or too small, this is usually because of the display settings of your pc or laptop.