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Throughout our lives we discover there are special religious paradoxes reserved for LGBTIQ people with impacts as varied as the individuals who carry their faith and those who encounter them. 

Stormcloud- dir. Kate Johnston (Canada) 15mins 2013 - A young, lesbian artist, Vi, heartbroken after her lover has left her, is met by two very happy Evangelicals who arrive at her door selling Jesus. Stormcloud explores the nature of 'sin' and love with passion, pathos and very subversive humour

Out Of Love- dir. Linda Mason (UK) 10mins 2014 - Out Of Love focuses on the subjective experiences of three young women, using a mix of personal recollections and sensual imagery to convey the experiences of reconciling their sexuality with their faith.

Lucky Fares- dir. Marco Fettolini (Spain) 13mins 2014 - One of the Three Kings and Santa Claus spend Christmas in jail, talking about what their future will be like in a world like this. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Like Father Like Son- dir. Jonathan Rivera (USA) 3mins 2017 - A father and son pray to the heavenly father seeking answers about each other.

Mark Bunyan: Very Nearly Almost Famous- dir. Jac Nunns & Angie West (UK) 15mins 2012 - In the words of a fan, he was 'The First Gay Superstar' but was he too gay for his own good? Co-founder of the Pink Singers and a driving force behind Gay's The Word bookshop, Mark Bunyan has been engaged in almost every pivotal event in UK gay history including fundraising for the defence of the famous blasphemy case Whitehouse v Lemon involving Gay News and a high court battle to prevent the religious funeral of a lover.

He Could've Gone Pro- dir. McGhee Monteith (USA) 10mins 2016 - When Debbie comes home for Christmas, she and her mother Gayle are forced to confront the truth about their family's past over a tense holiday lunch.

Get The Life- dir. Ozzy Villazòn (USA) 12mins 2016 - To Alex's surprise, Jesse offers a strikingly opposing view on how to deal with a pregnancy. Alex considers what he is willing to lose in order to live honestly and courageously.

Medulla Oblongata- dir. Roberto Nascimento (New Zealand) 7mins 2017 - Granted refugee status in New Zealand due to the persecution he faced for being gay in the Maldives – where the official religion is Islam – Medulla Oblongata explores where he is now and the life he left behind.

More Than God- dir. Kev Cahill (Ireland) 9mins 2015 - A comedy set in modern Ireland that follows the attempts of a religious doctor to uncover his wife's suspected affair, but instead is confronted by the rigidity of his religion, the boundaries of his love for his daughter, and his obligation to resuscitate her lover's husband. 

9 films
Age rated 15
95 mins

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