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FAMILY - Extra Content

Faggot Dad- dir. Quinn Vogt-Welch (USA) 6mins 2018 - The world is teeming right now with voices that are ready to be heard, unabashed. Stories of inequality and abuse are being brought to light like never before, and offering strength to others to share their experience. In this film we explore an intimate and unique journey between a father and his son, each struggling with the pain and anger that comes with the son being bullied because his father is gay. We see all too often lately the terrible aftermath of what being bullied can lead to if ignored for too long. In this film we get to bask in the shelter and safety of two family members facing the truth, and taking the first steps to a road of healing and acceptance.

Cari- dir. Alexander Williams (UK) 16mins 2017 - Cari is a tale of disturbed identity, familial tension, and acceptance. Melanie Stevens plays the titular Cari, a young woman who we meet experiencing traumatic nightmares. Initially receiving comfort from her loving mother Ruth (Catrin Mara) and farmer father John (Gareth Watkins), the family home is soon awash with a troubled tension when Cari reveals a secret part of her identity. A sombre and absorbing short LGBT Drama from filmmaker Alexander Williams.

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