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Cookie Policy of QueerBee.

Please read this Cookie Policy together with our Privacy Policy, and our Terms and Conditions To accept our Cookie Policy, please click the “OK” box that is shown when you enter the site.

By accessing and viewing the web-site of QueerBee CIC (“the First Party”), you (“the Second Party”) agree to our Cookie Policy.  As set out below "Disabling Cookies" , you can refuse certain cookies that are placed by us or by third parties.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: if you disable certain cookies, the QueerBee web-site might not work or might not perform functions and services that you might otherwise expect to be working, available and fully functional.  If you become a subscriber to QueerBee but then disable certain cookies, QueerBee services for subscribers may not work or function for yourself.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: even if you disable all cookies, your browsing of the QueerBee web-site or your use of QueerBee services will not necessarily remain private. QueerBee gives you no guarantee or assurance that your browsing or use will remain private eg it may be possible for your browsing, streaming, download, social media and other internet use to become known to third parties such as government,  legal,  moral, religious and similar enforcement authorities or agencies, the ISP ( Internet Service Provider) you use to access the QueerBee web-site, or any person, organisation or authority that might have  intercepted, hacked or compromised your  internet connection,  computer, tablet,  smartphone,  router,  modem,  VPN (Virtual Private Network) or VPN provider,  or any other privacy device or service enabling access to web-sites.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small (typically passive) text files that are placed on the hard drive or flash drive of your computer, tablet, smartphone or other device (“device”) via web-sites that you may visit and software applications (“apps”) that you may download.

Cookies are widely used in order to make web-sites and apps work (or make them work more efficiently) and also to provide information to the owners and operators of web-sites and apps. Although cookies do not directly identify your personal name and land address, cookies may indirectly identify your personal name and land address by identifying your device and by identifying your IP (Internet Protocol) technical address.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: even if you disable all cookies, your IP address may still be visible to the operators of a web-site you are visiting or an app you are using. If you are redirected to another web-site (such as a payment processor), then your IP address may still be visible to the operators of that further web-site. Your IP address may also be visible to any operators who provide you with internet services (Internet Service Provider or ISP) or virtual private networks (VPN).

What are First Party Cookies?

Cookies can be placed on your device by a web-site’s own primary operator: these cookies are known as First Party Cookies. QueerBee places First Party Cookies on your device for limited purposes as set out below "Reasons for placing cookies on your device"

Our First Party Cookies are NOT tracking cookies and so will not and cannot let QueerBee know about your internet habits and usage EXCEPT for facilitating your use of QueerBee]. Our First Party Cookies are listed below "QueerBee Cookies"   and will not and cannot pass on any information about you to third parties EXCEPT for age verification to comply with legal regulations of the UK and/or EU (interactions with an age verification service eg a service accredited with the British Board of Film Classification as regulator and for payment processing (interactions with uscreen and Stripe  who in turn interact with the companies who run your credit card or debit card). First Party Cookies are sometimes also called “Functional Cookies”.

You can disable First Party Cookies "Disabling Cookies" (but see above important notice re non-functioning)

What are Third Party Cookies?

Cookies can be set on devices by the operators of other web-sites and apps which are NOT the immediate web-site you are browsing or using. Such cookies are known as third party cookies.

Third party cookies can allow third parties to follow you as you go from one web-site to another and track your browsing, streaming and download habits on other web-sites. Such Third Party cookies are often referred to as “Tracking Cookies”. A third party tracking cookie can do this even though you have left the web-site that was used by the third party to place the tracking cookie on your device. A third party tracking cookie can sometimes be more than passive text file, and might amount to a small program or “applet” that can pass on to a third party your internet and viewing details to the third party. To counter the effect of any potentially malicious “tracking cookies”, QueerBee strongly recommends and urges that you:-

- ALWAYS use antivirus or antimalware protection on your device and keep it up-to-date;  and,

- ALWAYS clear your browsing history and your cookies history after visiting any web-site (eg follow the “clear history” or similar tab on your browser)

Third Party Cookies that might be set when you view QueerBee’s web-site

QueerBee is linked to web-hosting platforms (, ) and payment processors (Stripe who may set Third Party Cookies on your device via the QueerBee web-site. Such Third Party Cookies may also be tracking cookies (see above). QueerBee does not allow any other parties to set any Third Party Cookies on your device. Third party cookies that may be set on your device are listed below "QueerBee Cookies"

QueerBee does not allow social media platforms to host your log-in to the QueerBee web-site.

All modern browsers offer cookie control options as to when and how cookies can be placed or rejected - see below for how to access the most common browser control "Change Cookie Settings"

Advertising Cookies

Third party cookies are typically placed by advertisers whose advertisements appear on a web-site page, or more usually, by advertising brokers who may obtain all the advertising space on a web-site and sell all or part of the space to advertisers. Those advertisers may know which web-sites their advertisements appear on as this will depend on which adwords (if any) or the equivalent an advertiser has paid for, in combination with how the broker’s automated placement of advertisements.

  • The broker may seek to place its own third party cookies on your device so as to offer an increasingly refined and targeted service to its advertisers.
  • Advertisers who buy space from an advertising broker may still place their own third party cookies on your device.
  • An advertiser will usually be willing to pay more for its advertisements to appear on a web-site whose viewers and users might be more interested in the product or service being advertised - leading to so-called “targeted advertising” which the internet brokers can offer with an increasing degree of accuracy based on data gathered from cookies.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: QueerBee does not sell any advertising space or use any advertising brokers, except to the extent inherent in QueerBee linking to web-hosting platforms or payment processors (see above)

Analytical Cookies

A different kind of cookie (distinct from advertising cookies - see above “Advertising Cookies” can gather anonymous analytical data (known as “analytics”) about web-site users. Analytics cookies may be first party cookies (when placed on a device by the web-site operator itself) or may be third party cookies when placed on a device by a third party via the first party web-site. Google Analytics is an example of a third party provider of analytics. Third party providers may supply both analytics and advertisement broking but may use a different kind of cookie for each kind of activity.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: QueerBee does not currently use Google Analytics or any other third party provider of analytics, except to the extent inherent in QueerBee linking to web-hosting platforms or payment processors (see above). QueerBee does however reserve the right to place and use its own first party analytics cookies in the future (eventually by means of a reputable provider).

Reasons for placing cookies on your device:

Benefits for QueerBee of placing First Party Cookies aka Functional Cookies:

Remembering you - Without cookies, our web-site and servers cannot so easily identify and remember who you are.

Remembering your choices – cookies enable us to remember your settings and preferences in order to allow efficient and appropriate navigation of the QueerBee web-site and make it easier for you to browse the QueerBee web-site and use our services eg remembering which film you have booked, and how far you have got through watching a film so that you may resume watching where you paused, how much time you have left to watch a film.

Disabling Cookies

You can disable First Party Cookies by following this link "Change Cookie Settings" (but see above Important Notice re non-functioning )

  • Your browser may allow you to disable third party cookies separately from disabling first party cookies. see below "Change Cookie Settings"

More about the Cookies on the QueerBee

QueerBee uses first party cookies  but does not use first party tracking cookies.

The cookies used on our website may be generally categorised as follows:

  • Necessary/Essential Cookies. These cookies are necessary to make our website function and do not identify you as an individual.
  • Performance Cookies. These cookies help us understand how you interact with the website and do not identify you as an individual.
  • Functionality Cookies. The information these cookies collect may include personal data that you have disclosed.
  • Targeting or Advertising Cookies. Most types of these cookies track consumers via their Device ID or IP address therefore they may collect personal data.
  • Third-Party Cookies. Based on the type of cookies used by the relevant third-party, the information these cookies collect may include personal data.

Duration of the Cookies We Use

In terms of duration, we may use two different types of cookies on our websites:

  • Session Cookies. These Cookies are temporary cookies that remain on your computer or device until you leave our websites. They allow websites to link your actions during a browser session. We may use these for a variety of purposes such as remembering what you clicked on, on the previous page visited. These session Cookies expire after a browser session so would not be stored longer term. For this reason, session Cookies are generally considered less privacy intrusive than persistent Cookies; or
  • Persistent Cookies. These cookies remain on your computer or device for much longer or until you manually delete them (how long the cookie remains on your device will depend on the duration or “lifetime” of the specific cookie, as well as your browser settings, as stated below). Persistent Cookies may be used for a variety of purposes including remembering users’ preferences and choices when using a site or to target advertising.

How do I change my cookie settings?

Most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings.  To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, QueerBee strongly recommends that you visit or

How to manage cookies on some popular browsers:

Geographic Location

A person’s geographical location can be identified by technology eg:

  • - Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • - signals between your mobile phone and signal masts ( “triangulation ”)
  • - social media platforms accumulating data (“big data”)
  • - bluetooth
  • - cookies
  • - apps

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  QueerBee does not use cookies or any other technology to pinpoint your exact geographical location, except to the extent inherent in QueerBee linking to web-hosting platforms or payment processors eg your IP address may tell the payment processor which your geographical country you are located in.

European Cookie Initiative

To find out more about the European initiative about cookie control, QueerBee recommends that you visit and consider

To accept our Cookie Policy, please click “OK” when you enter the site.

Where you can find more information about cookies

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